Allow me introduce myself…

I’m Marcy, an Educator, Speaker, Self-Leadership Coach, Communication Expert, Podcaster, and Life Integration Strategist from Palm Beach, FL!

Over the last 2 decades, I have coached and mentored thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders

Now, I’m YOUR coach and mentor!

Why am I for you?

BECAUSE you’re good at what you do, but often feel a sense of dissatisfaction and frustration. You KNOW there HAS to be more to life. You’re just not sure what that is or how to find it.

BECAUSE you’re successful in business or in your career, but often feel like you have to sacrifice other areas of your life in order to maintain the success you’ve achieved.

BECAUSE you value leadership and growth, and understand that to reach our highest potential in ANY area you MUST first improve yourself.

BECAUSE as a leader and highly-driven professional, you want to ensure that your impact in the world is meaningful, and your legacy secure!

What do I do?

I coach professionals and entrepreneurs, just like you, through a unique approach geared towards helping you integrate every aspect of who you are and of what truly matters most to you. It’s so effective because it’s based on “The Life Compass System” which is the exact system I’ve been using to help my clients over the past 10+

Why do I do it?

Because I KNOW that inside each of us is a leader capable of impacting the world for the better and of creating movements that will transform the world for generations!

Because I KNOW that leadership and success are not an accident.

Because I KNOW that you have a voice and a story to share! You have a message that ONLY YOU can deliver, and it is my mission to help you (and a million others like you) find that message and liberate it so you can be the voice that leads the pack!

A Bit More About Me:

10 Random things about me…

1. I’m 5’0” tall, but act like I’m 6’3”! There are MANY things that are outside of our control, but you can ALWAYS decide what you do with them ;-). (A little confidence goes a long way…)

2. My hair started going gray when I was 14! Because of that, it has been dyed at least 8 different colors. Finally, I decided to embrace the wisdom!

3. I have a Masters Degree in English literature. I guess you could say I took my obsession with books to the next level!

4. Marcy is actually my nickname! My given name is Martha, as in Martha Washington or Martha Stweart…. Enough said!

5. I became a mom at 13! Not really… but my baby sister is 13 years younger than me, so I started ACTING like a mom when I was 13 (Sorry, Eny!).

6. I’m the 3rd of 5 children! So, my journey to understand communication and leadership dynamics began REALLY early!

7. My father was diagnosed with a terminal disease when I was 13. (I guess a lot happened that year). I definitely learned the importance of self-leadership and building strong teams during that time.

8. I can often be seen talking to myself. After all, the first and most important form of leadership IS self-leadership, LOL.

9. I got my first teaching job when I was 21. Some of my students were only 3 years younger than me!

10. I believe leadership and communication are two sides of the same coin! Leadership is a skill that CAN be learned and perfected….

11. That’s why I’m here … to help you BE the leader you were created to be and to pass that torch on as a legacy to future generations!


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